How Colors Can Affect Your Perception of a Website

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Sometimes it’s not just about choosing the most reliable hosting company for your website, or what domain name you end up using for your website. Sometimes what really makes or breaks a website is its color scheme.

Within the world of web design, there is something known as color theory and it is useful to explore it in some detail because of the role that color plays in the way that a website is then perceived. You see, there is more to putting a website together than just thinking that certain colors work together because there is an entire psychology that lies behind how various colors are viewed by the public.

In other words, the wrong colors can actually give people the wrong impression of your site and that has to be a real nightmare for any designer.

What the Research Says.

To better explain the role of colors, we need to look at what the research itself has indicated as this allows you to then get to grips with how you will then go about building your sites.

It is known that different colors illicit different emotions and this does mean that when the wrong colors are used it can actually lead to visitors to a website misunderstanding the message that the site is trying to put across. For example, red is known to be a powerful color that is full of passion so if the message is trying to be calming and relaxing, then you can start to see how it just does not really work.

The problem here is that companies have a tendency to choose colors that are linked to either branding colors or personal preferences and this does not then actually mean that they are the correct colors to use. In order to get a better understanding of this entire concept, let’s look at how some colors are perceived so you can then determine how they should be used in your designs.


White is bright and it has a tendency to make us strain our eyes so you need to be careful and not use other bright colors alongside it. However, the perception of this color is that it represents something that is organized and professional. It is also linked to the concept of equality so if you are making a fun-filled website, then white should not be your predominant color as the fun part could pass people by.

example of white web design done well:


When it comes to colors that are able to get your blood pumping, then red is the absolute master. It is linked to passion and it gets the adrenaline pumping, so it is hardly going to be the best color for a website that is calming and relaxing. It is seen as being more aggressive and is a call to action color that is also demanding. Do you want people to have that perception of your website?

Examples of red web design done well:


In general, blue is seen as being quite a calming color and that is especially the case when you are talking about the lighter shades rather than the darker versions. To many, dark blue is seen as being depressing and cold so even if you love the color you have to be aware that people can sub-consciously at least perceive your site to be very dull and boring.


Green is often regarded as being the color that is the most pleasant on the eye and it does also have a rather calming impact as well. Believe it or not, but just having splashes of color on a website can really have a positive effect on any visitor although you do need to be careful of the shade. However, if you want to inject some passion, then this is not the color to do it with.


If you have never thought of using orange then you should know that it is linked to being quite warm and relaxing. It is seen as being optimistic and it is also not too offensive on the eyes which is always a bonus. However, if you are making a serious website then this would give people the wrong impression.

Now, you can easily work through each and every color and see how each color does create various emotions that we are not even aware of. However, even these almost subliminal messages do then alter how your website is perceived so educating yourself on what the colors mean and represent can help you to avoid this problem in the first place.

After all, you have worked hard on creating the site so do not mess it up with something that is so easy to avoid in the first place.

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