Why WordPress Beginners Need GoDaddy Promo Codes and Free WordPress Plugins

There’s never been a better time to start up a new website for your business. Why? Because there are so many useful tools to help you create a high quality site easily and with no technical knowledge required. And the costs of starting a website have fallen thanks to a competitive industry.

GoDaddy + Photobox Coupons:

While the regular price of domains and hosting don’t look that enticing, there are ridiculously good promo codes out there if you look for them. We also found a Photobox discount code that saves you 50% off site-wide. Thanks to for giving us the head’s up.

And here’s 6 absolutely free WordPress plugins that are beginner friendly and will help your website look professional and rank better in Google.

6 Best Free Plugin Essentials for WordPress Beginners

Owning a self-hosted WordPress blog gives you more freedom to customize, manage, and even monetize your content. With the help of plugins, which are tools you can use to improve the features and functionality of your blog, you can customize it …

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How Colors Can Affect Your Perception of a Website

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Sometimes it’s not just about choosing the most reliable hosting company for your website, or what domain name you end up using for your website. Sometimes what really makes or breaks a website is its color scheme.

Within the world of web design, there is something known as color theory and it is useful to explore it in some detail because of the role that color plays in the way that a website is then perceived. You see, there is more to putting a website together than just thinking that certain colors work together because there is an entire psychology that lies behind how various colors are viewed by the public.

In other words, the wrong colors can actually give people the wrong impression of your site and that has to be a real nightmare for any designer.

What the Research Says.

To better explain the role of colors, we need to look at what the research itself has indicated as this allows you to then get to grips with how you will then go …

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