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Hosting Coupons For eCommerce Stores:

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There are a few eCommerce plugins out there for WordPress, by far the most popular two are WooCommerce with a score of 4.1/5 stars, and WP e-Commerce with a score of 2.8/5 stars. Both are free to use for the basic model with extra extensions for things like table rate shipping, subscriptions, and various payment gateways ranging in price from about $49 and up. When you combine WordPress with something like WooCommerce and a great theme designed specifically for eCommerce you can have a great looking online store up and running in no time!

1. Crazy Diamond

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Price: $55. This is the number one rated theme on ThemeForest for eCommerce, it’s specifically designed to work with WooCommerce but I believe it will work with other plugins as well. It’s not hard to see why it’s rated so highly: it has a drag and drop style page builder which allows you to design your pages visually without writing any code, includes the Revolution Slider (a plugin that is normally an extra $15), Wishlist functionality, very extensive help documentation including a library of video tutorials to help assist you in setting up your online store, and 13 custom widgets for social media and product highlighting. Beyond all that, it’s just a good looking theme. It’s not limited to eCommerce sites either, it also makes a great corporate theme.

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2. BuyShop

Price: $55. Another 5 star theme, this one also comes with the Revolution Slider included as part of the theme ($15 value). There are three different layouts that you can use as a base (creative, classic, and dark) and then of course you can customize everything from there. This theme seems to have a particularly robust and options-heavy admin panel which makes customization a breeze. It also allows your customers to login with either Facebook or Twitter to leave product reviews or make purchases. The other great feature is that you can set up price filters and ‘shop by’ categories to make browsing easier for your customers.

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3. Shopping

FREE. This is a child theme of the Omega theme, so you’ll need to install that first for this one to work. But don’t worry, Omega is also free! Shopping was created to work with WooCommerce, but the author has confirmed that it will work with any other eCommerce plugin. I didn’t really see a lot of free eCommerce themes for WordPress that I thought looked much like online stores, this one really stood out to me. It has a nice clean layout, displays the products nicely, and it’s mobile friendly as well. It doesn’t have as many features for customization as the above two themes that I linked, but the price reflects that!

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